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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introducing the 2030 Masters champion

Tiger Woods announced on Saturday that he will be a father in 2007, as he and wife Elin will welcome their first child this summer.

While they certainly aren't hard up for cash (is there a baby registry at, it's not likely that they've picked out a name. Earl would be nice for a boy, of course, but it lacks some originality. Depending on the gender, here are a few suggestions:

Bear: An homage to Jack Nicklaus, and keeps the animal theme going.

LeBron: There's got to be another one someday - stake your claim.

Phil: Named after one of your great benefactors in Nike's Phil Knight, plus nobody named Phil could ever beat you, Tiger.

Byron: After Nelson, not Leftwich.

Michelle: Nah, there's already a golfer by that name who tries to follow your every move.

O'Meara: Tiger, you were named after a buddy of your father, so follow the trend. Might be a pretty girls name. (And judging by your wife, you'd have a pretty girl.)

Hootie: Dress the baby up in green jackets, and stick to your guns.