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Monday, August 04, 2008

Shopping at baby registry company

Most first pregnant mother would like to have the best for their first baby by getting the best and early preparation for the coming baby. Some parents will visit the baby registry company which has many products for them to choose for the baby.

Things that most parents buy for the start are baby cot, baby blanket, baby pillow and bolster. Then follow by baby towels, baby dress and baby napkins. Bath tub, soap, baby powder and cream. When shopping at baby registry company the best is to write a list of items you want for the baby, you can add some if you think the items that is useful. Others parents would go online to purchase the items but you but you have so many chose then visiting yourself.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby gift registry online.

All mother who is expecting their first baby are always want to get the best gift for the baby and one of the best ways to give your new baby is a set of baby gift registry online. Today there are many baby registry gift online which you can get your products but first you have to check the company online, how fast is the goods that can reach your home. I had a experience I had to wait for the goods to arrived to my home and its takes me a month to reach.

Second check that if the quality of the goods that stated in purchased and if not the same quality stated, were there be any shipment charges and if their accepted returns. When you are happy with the procedure then you can enter your name and address with baby registry online and purchase your baby gift.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Join baby registry online

Most new parents wanted to give their first baby the best of everything. Some parents will go to internet online to join baby registry to get the products. As most of the products you can't get it in your hometown. The products ranging from everything you want to get for the baby. Baby blanket, baby shirts, musical toys or any things that you want to give the best to the baby.

Last year my wife join a baby registry company online for fun. The joining fees was free and every month she will browse through her desk tops to see the latest products on offer or products that are given a good discount for their members. She will buy for our two years son or will buys somethings for any of her friends or our relatives who is expecting their new baby very soon. She said baby product sell online sometimes is more cheaper and the things she get was hard to fine one in town or any big complex or baby shops.


Monday, December 03, 2007

registry a baby name

Before the independence day of malaysia which is fifty years ago as the people of Malaysia called it mederka, to registry a baby name is quite easy. All you had to do is give the name of the baby, mother and father name, place of staying and the rest will be done by the registy. Most of name are pronounce by their parents and will be written by them. Today you can notice some brother and sister surname are not the same.

Today you can notice beautiful name given by their parents and the name of the baby are clearly written by their parents including the parents name, identical numbers and address. Parents who did not registry their baby will lose citizenship and enrol in a pimary school. Before if you are childness, you can buy the baby from the new parents with your name as a mother and your husband name and you name the baby. Now mothers name cannot be change, it must be the mother who gives birth to the baby. But things can be done if you had the money.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joined baby registry company for cheaper and better products

When my first baby is about to be born, as my wife is in seven month labour we both decided to joined a company selling baby products from baby food to baby used items. All we had to do is to baby registry our names and pay a fifty registeration fees and we are entitle to enjoy a 10% dicount on every items we purchase. If there is a offer on the items we will still get our 10% discount on top of the discount. For example if thr product is selling at 20 % discount and as a members we will get 20% + 10%, the total percentage is around 28%. If purchase if over 300.00 rm per year a free baby gift will be given.

The price are very reasonable which is very hard to get it from the outside market and the quality we found is much better and has plenty of variety and choices for the members to choose. Every month a baby magazine will be send to us about their offers and the coming up programme for your new young baby. If you find the quality is not to your expectation, you can retuned with the purchase reciept within a week.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

beautiful name to registry for your baby

Expecting parents are faced with alot of important decisions before their baby is born. These include the basics, such as what to name the baby, which hospital and which doctor is going delivery your baby and to breastfeeding your baby or using formula feeding. Most parents will write a list of items to buy for their first baby such baby dresses, baby blanket and baby cots and so on.

The most important is to name the baby. Most parents will know the sex of the baby before the child is born. Today baby registry name are done in the hospital and infront of the person in charge. Most parents will choose a beautiful name for the baby, before parents name their baby, for example for baby boy the name will be of animals and of prosperity and for baby girl is of precious metals, precious stone and flowers.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Baby registry a must in our country

Living in a country like Malaysia baby registry is a must to new born baby. And even a marriage registry is a must because without marriage registry you cannot registry your new born baby. If the baby is not registry you will had to go throught alots of problems especially when the kids start to registry in a new school.

The excitement of having to have your baby registry from a new parents is to find a beautiful names fot the kids. The present name registry by their parents are very beautiful to listen but a bit hard to pronounce for a chinese family. Before during our times, names of baby boys are of animals and prosperity and for girls are of precious stone and metals and even flowers.