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Monday, November 27, 2006

Inside Diddy's A-List Baby Shower

Call it Diddy's pink party. The mogul celebrated the impending arrival of his twin girls with a lavish "Little Miss Diddys' Pretty in Pink" baby shower for longtime girlfriend Kim Porter in New York City on Sunday.

"This is the greatest party I've ever had," Diddy, wearing a cotton-candy-pink button-down shirt, told the crowd. "I'm so excited to have girls, but I know I'm in trouble now!"

Guests including rapper LL Cool J and socialite Denise Rich feasted on shrimp, pink cocktails, specially made pink M&Ms and Perrier Jouet champagne in pink floral bottles.

There were also gifts galore – a pink and white Ga Ga Designs chandelier from Denzel Washington, a custom-made changing table from Jay-Z and two cream-colored cribs from LL Cool J.

One thing still on Diddy and Porter's baby registry: an $88,000 R-class Mercedes Benz. It's "for the twins to ride in," Shalena Smith of Ga Ga Designs tells PEOPLE. "But I showed (Kim) a $17,000 diamond-encrusted pacifier and she laughed because she's down to earth. They are realistic people. Everything (on the registry) wasn't just the bling bling."

Diddy told the crowd how he found out Porter, with whom he has a son, Christian, 8, was expecting. "It wasn't something that was planned," he said. "Kim and I were sitting down at Nobu and she had told me she was pregnant and I was happy. And she was like, 'That's not it.'

"And I was like, 'What else could you possibly tell me?' And then she said she was having twins, and I was like, 'Get outta here!' ... Then she told me we were having two girls. My life just started changing right at that moment. God has truly blessed me to the fullest."

Porter, who is due in the middle of December, teared up when Diddy professed his love for her in front of their friends and family. "I just thank God that I have a woman and a friend who has been down with me with my faults and my flaws and my B.S. and all that stuff," he said. "She's my best friend. I love her with all my heart."

Having girls is going to bring out the rapper's softer side, said Porter, who last week wrapped a new show for MyNetworkTV called Wicked Wicked Games, with Tatum O'Neal.

"I see the way he's been acting," she told "He said, 'I can't wait for them to fall asleep on my chest.' He's going to be very hands on. I don't think he's going to be able to say no to them."

Thursday, November 16, 2006


From bridal registries to credit card cramming to automatic shower cleaners, Liz Crenshaw reported on some interesting and important stories in the past few months. But what happened after those stories aired? Liz is here with some follow-ups to her reports.

We are proud of the stories we report, and always happy when viewers take the time to respond to them. So if you saw any of these stories, here's what happened next.

They're trying to say you're risky. Are you risky?

Leslie Guerra Boyds, Md. Well I've lived in this house for 25 years. I don't have debt. I don't have stocks. I'm probably the least risky person you'll ever meet


Emily Turner, Newlywed And they were like has it been over 90 days, and I said, well gosh, and then I thought about it. It was 90-and-a-half-days.


Whether you're happy or angry with us, we always appreciate hearing from you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

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The birth of Britney Spear's baby is only a week or so away. The burning question? What will she name her newborn? To help gather the best guesses from Britney's fans worldwide, the Celebrity Baby Names Blog is pleased to announce the launch of a contest to pick the baby name: "What Will Britney Spears Name Her New Baby?"

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Contestants need only visit the blog to enter the contest. The first contestant to correctly predict the name of Britney's new baby will win a year's subscription to a major popular magazine plus a new infant/toddler car seat.

Rumor about the baby's supposed female gender is spreading, based on the preponderance of pink items in the baby registry established by Britney and husband Kevin Federline. The Celebrity Baby Names Blog does provide a link for contestants to follow so they may view the baby gift registry and decide for themselves if a girl is on the way. Even armed with that knowledge, it's still a wide open question: what will Britney name her new baby? Visit the Celebrity Baby Names Blog to enter.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Also, be sure to list where the mother is registered for baby shower gifts, and if she doesn't have a baby registry, encourage her to do so.

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