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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joined baby registry company for cheaper and better products

When my first baby is about to be born, as my wife is in seven month labour we both decided to joined a company selling baby products from baby food to baby used items. All we had to do is to baby registry our names and pay a fifty registeration fees and we are entitle to enjoy a 10% dicount on every items we purchase. If there is a offer on the items we will still get our 10% discount on top of the discount. For example if thr product is selling at 20 % discount and as a members we will get 20% + 10%, the total percentage is around 28%. If purchase if over 300.00 rm per year a free baby gift will be given.

The price are very reasonable which is very hard to get it from the outside market and the quality we found is much better and has plenty of variety and choices for the members to choose. Every month a baby magazine will be send to us about their offers and the coming up programme for your new young baby. If you find the quality is not to your expectation, you can retuned with the purchase reciept within a week.