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Monday, February 12, 2007

Finding The Best Baby Gifts For The Mother To Be

There is no doubt that the upcoming birth of a new baby is an exciting and thrilling time in the life of any woman, and the traditional way to mark that occasion is with a well planned baby shower.

A baby shower is a great way to show a friend, a family member or a coworker how much you care about her and her new baby.

== Ask Her Friends And Family For Ideas She Will Like ==

Often the best way to find out what would be the perfect gifts for the expectant mother is to ask her friends and family members.

The new mother’s friends and family will be in the best position to know exactly what she needs for the new arrival. This is particularly important when shopping for an expectant mother who already has one or more children.

Chances, are these expectant mothers already have the basic things like clothes, strollers, baby seats and cribs.

== Baby Gift Registry ==

Some expectant mothers will create a baby registry their friends and family members can use to shop for gifts for the baby shower, so it is always important to check to see if such a registry exists.

A baby shower registry makes it much easier for friends and family members to shop, and helps ensure that every gift purchased is one that is needed and will be appreciated.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Planning a Baby Shower

So you’re planning a baby shower for your best friend and now you’re panicking because you have never thrown a baby shower before. Don’t worry, here are five tips to help you plan a great baby shower:

1. Come up with a theme for the baby shower, but make sure you clear it with the mom-to-be. There are so many themes you can choose, such as Baby Book Showers (where each guest brings a children’s storybook), Diaper Baby Showers (where each guest brings a bag of diapers), Teddy Bear Baby Showers (where teddy bears are used as decorations – stuffed bears, on napkins, invitations, banners, etc.) and the list goes on and on. Come up with a great theme and you’ll throw a baby shower that people will be talking about for years to come.

2. Include the mom-to-be’s baby registry information on the invitation. This really helps guest discover what the mom-to-be needs for the baby. Also make sure you note the theme of the baby shower on the invitation as well, so that guests can come prepared.

3. Come up with some fun baby shower games. Let’s face it; some baby shower games are boring, so spice up your baby shower with some unique games. Search online for “baby shower games” and then let your imagine go!

4. Assign someone as the mom-to-be’s helper. This person is usually someone the new mom is close to such as her best friend, sister or mom. This person typically helps the mom with her food and drinks and makes sure she’s comfortable. The helper also monitors the mom-to-be’s emotions as she may be tired, cranky and stressed out.

5. Make sure you involve the mom-to-be in the planning process of the baby shower so she can give her input on what she’d like. Surprise showers, as fun as they seem, are not always the best idea for a pregnant woman whose hormones are raging. Having mom involved also ensures that everyone gets invited who should be there.

Have fun planning your friend’s baby shower. Remember, if you do a great job you can guarantee that when it’s your turn you’ll have a great baby shower too!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Preparing first baby registry

When expecting your first childs everything what you want to do or buy must be very exciting time to you and needs a lot of planning. registering baby gifts should done earlier as baby shower is mostly present by relatives and friends.

Alot of planning and preparing should be done before your first baby arrives like putting together a baby registry, preparing nusery space for the baby, the baby cot, blanket, pillow, blster and baby furniture. Another consideration is the room atmostsphere.