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Monday, December 03, 2007

registry a baby name

Before the independence day of malaysia which is fifty years ago as the people of Malaysia called it mederka, to registry a baby name is quite easy. All you had to do is give the name of the baby, mother and father name, place of staying and the rest will be done by the registy. Most of name are pronounce by their parents and will be written by them. Today you can notice some brother and sister surname are not the same.

Today you can notice beautiful name given by their parents and the name of the baby are clearly written by their parents including the parents name, identical numbers and address. Parents who did not registry their baby will lose citizenship and enrol in a pimary school. Before if you are childness, you can buy the baby from the new parents with your name as a mother and your husband name and you name the baby. Now mothers name cannot be change, it must be the mother who gives birth to the baby. But things can be done if you had the money.